What a year it’s been!

Can you believe that just over 12 months ago we went into this pandemic, and here we are, still in it!

Things are hopefully on the straight and narrow now, but that didn’t stop me somehow getting a positive Covid test a couple of weeks ago.

I’m baffled, as we are currently in lockdown, and the only places I go are to the park, nursery and playgroup drop off 3 times a week, and to our private office. I don’t even go to the shops, we do click and collect.

So to catch the virus came as a shock, especially as I was the only one in my house to get it.

We have our suspicions that perhaps the children had it first, were asymptomatic and passed it to me. But I guess we will never know, until one day when we can get an antibody test. It could have just as easily come from a packet of crisps.

Anyway, if you’ve had to isolate at all during the past 12 months with children you will know exactly how those 10 days were for us.

Never again will I take a simple walk to the park for granted.

IMG 0867

Not only do I have adventure loving children who love the outdoors, but they don’t concentrate on an activity for more than a few minutes, so entertaining them in the house can be a challenge. Especially when trying to rest and recover from Covid. Maybe challenge is an understatement.

It’s so difficult for children too. The twins didn’t really know any different, but Immy wondered why we couldn’t go to the park or playgroup. Although, on the flip-side, she’s loved spending time with mummy in the house. She’s my little shadow! I can’t walk to the loo, take a shower, or even step out of the room without her following me. You’d think she would be sick of me by now, but nope. 

I didn’t get too ill thankfully. I didn’t even have any of the usual symptoms. I just felt like I had a mega hangover and my body was drained of all energy. Although now I am feeling well again, I realise just how hungover I felt. Sometimes it’s only when you feel 100% again you realise the extent of rubbish you felt.

We baked (once), we painted (in 2 minute intervals), we ran around the garden come rain or shine. I drank prosecco (I obviously wasn’t too poorly) and we made easy comfort food. All forms of exercise went out of the window. We took each day as it came and finally I started to feel a bit more human. 

The hardest thing for me was trying to distance myself from the children. Not kissing them or holding them too close to my face. We’re such a tactile family that this was so difficult. The fact that they didn’t get it makes me even more suspicious that they may have already had it without us knowing. New guidelines in Wales mean that anybody living with a positive case needs to be tested on days 5 and 8, and they all remained negative.

You just can’t socially distance from your toddler and babies, especially as Ross had to work as he has his own business which is in an awesome period of growth.

But we made it though! We can go to the park again. And although this isn’t over, we’ve overcome yet another battle as a family and that can only make us stronger.

Only I can catch a blummin’ virus in lockdown! 

Short and sweet blog post today, because quite frankly I’m bored of writing about Coronavirus, but thought this was worth documenting. Hopefully this will be my last one on that topic, until I can safely say we’re free of it!

That’s enough now though, world. Please can we have a break and maybe just lay off the illnesses and hospital visits. 

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