Has your baby had a first birthday in lockdown? Or do you have one coming up and are wondering what to do?

When you have a baby you imagine celebrating their first birthday surrounded by those you love. Raising a glass to surviving the infant stage amongst family and friends. 

However, this past year you’ll have been lucky if you managed to celebrate a birthday outside of lockdown, let alone a first birthday.

By celebrate I mean a party. Obviously there are ways of celebrating without throwing a big bash.

Now I know there are more important things going on in the world right now than a first birthday party. I’m thankful we have our health, totally understand why we can’t party like it’s 1999, and I am wholly aware that a party isn’t a priority or safe. But when you have a baby you want to celebrate and toast to those special milestones, and being unable to do that with friends and family is a bit disappointing.

So I wanted to share with you what we did for Tabby and Wilf’s birthday to make it memorable, if having a birthday during a global pandemic isn’t memorable enough. Perhaps you could take some of these ideas for your little one’s upcoming birthday. I’ll also share some ideas that we didn’t do, but were suggested. You can still have a lovely day despite the current situation. 

IMG 8888

When we found out that the twins would have a lockdown birthday, I automatically thought, well this is going to just feel like any other day. Immy turned 2 in June 2020 and we didn’t really do anything for her, apart from have a cake. But it was summer, and we spent the day outside having fun in the sun.

It’s been a tough old year for us all, so I decided to snap out of it and try and make the most of a bad situation. So this is what we did.


We decorated the whole of our downstairs, fit for any one year old. The living room had a ton of balloons in it and we put banners and a balloon “happy birthday” banner in the kitchen. I set the table with kids party gear. Hats, paper plates, straws, those annoying twirly things that make a loud buzzing noise that you immediately regret putting out. Party blowers I think they’re called. 

IMG 8896

For anybody looking in it looked like we were gearing up for a full on kids party bonanza, but in fact it was all for the five of us. Well, mainly for Immy as the twins had no idea what was going on.

Birthday breakfast

We decided that porridge and toast wasn’t going to cut it for a first birthday celebration, so we got pain au chocolat, eggs, sausage, and fruit. It was the twins first time having any chocolate and they loved it. Wilf went a bit wild after though – I think we are going to have to watch that one with the sweet treats!

Lockdown walk

Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it? What’s lockdown without a walk? We made sure that we got out of the house and enjoyed some fresh air all together. Tabby and Wilf may have napped the whole time, but we enjoyed being out in the open and they were well rested. So, win win!

Cake cake cake

You can’t have a birthday without a bit of cake.

When Immy turned one we got a cake made for her that was just beautiful. Think unicorns and rainbows with hundreds and thousands. 

IMG 8963

Tabby and Wilf didn’t quite get the same standard, but they were more than happy with Curly the caterpillar, Colin’s cheap date cousin who shops in Tesco, not M&S. Second/ third child problems hey. 

Those of you who don’t live in the UK may be wondering who the heck Colin the caterpillar is. Well, he’s a legend when it comes to cakes. Just Google him. 

Cake Smash 

Okay I’ll be honest here. We didn’t actually do this on their birthday, but the day after. Navigating naps, meals and splendid walks with 3 little ones doesn’t leave much time for extracurricular activities. So when the twins turned one year and one day old we put a table cloth on the floor of the kitchen, put a cake in the middle (not Curly this time, he’s too precious to be smashed up), and waited with baited breath for Tabby & Wilf to smash it up. 

IMG 9045

Well it was a bit of an anticlimax, as Tabby stared at it and wandered off, probably rolling her eyes. Wilf had a blast but more because he enjoyed the sound that the plastic tablecloth made when he kicked it. 

Immy saved the day by showing them what a cake smash should look like, and Ross and I stuffed our faces before it got covered in snot.

Family Zoom call 

This is something we didn’t do, mainly because it’s so hard to fit everything in during a day in the life of 3 under 3. But we have done them for other family members’ birthdays as our kids ran wild in the background.

It’s such a nice idea though, and what’s a lockdown without a Zoom call anyway?

Wine and prosecco 

I can’t wait for the day when I can share a bevvie with my kids. But two one year olds and a two year old is young even by British standards. Ross and I made sure to have a drink and a toast to surviving a year of parenting twin babies and a toddler during a blummin’ tough year though.


We didn’t go over the top with presents for the twins. In fact, we only bought them one present each. A little chair for the house and garden. 

IMG 8840

I have nothing against people buying lots for their kids, but we just don’t have the space and I knew my family were buying them some lovely gifts, so with those too they had a decent amount to open. Or watch Immy open I should say.

So if your little one has a first birthday coming up, fear not. There are lots of things you can do to make it a lovely day for you to remember in years to come, because let’s be honest, they won’t remember a thing.

It may not be what you imagined, but nothing is at the moment. And providing your little one has your smiling face and undivided attention, and perhaps a balloon and some wrapping paper, they will think it’s the best day ever. 

IMG 8930

And there’s always an excuse for a big party to look forward to just as soon as we can.

Have you celebrated a lockdown birthday and what did you do? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating a 1st birthday in lockdown”

  1. This is fab! I love that you only got them one pressie each. I think i went ridiculously over board at Christmas because I felt like my son had totally outgrown all of his 1st birthday toys from May. My son had his 1st birthday in lockdown and it is looking like his 2nd could be too unless these vaccines get rolled out! Loving the post. Keep up the good work mama! ❤👍 Love Vikki x @athomewithmrsblake

    1. Lizzie Hutchinson

      Aw thanks Vikki! I’m glad you enjoyed reading the blog. It’s hard not to buy loads isn’t it. I think it may have been a different story if Christmas wasn’t less than a month before their birthday 😂 hope you’re well x

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